ENGINEERING in the rotomoulding project


Once the basic design of the application has been set, the engineering department joins in, to turn the product into a reality.Rotomoulding technology makes it possible for us to create very complex designs as well as relatively simple shapes. We can find in them shapes with complex curves geometry, uniform walls, different types of inserts,, etc., or shapes that do not require much complexity at the time of their engineering development.

In addition, our engineering approach enables us to detail all the elements of the product to be made with extreme precision and accuracy. So, the design, finite elements analysis, models, y prototypes will be prepared. And if the application needs some additional details, this stage is where these changes will take place. All this as far as the product is concerned.

But we do not only work based on the part to be made. The moulds are also recreated by our engineering department. This is how their designs and tooling are made. These must be as precise as possible, so every single detail is taken care of and reviewed over and over again throughout the development.

Once this entire process has been completed, everything is reviewed once again to avoid the slightest error. We are very thorough and demanding with ourselves at this stage. Once everything has been analysed, we reach this stage together with the client and understand if we are meeting their requirements. In case the client and Rotobasque agree to approve the results, the project will continue its process. If any changes are required, they will be examined and implemented. The client makes the final decision on every topic, we offer advice thanks to our extensive experience.

Take a look at the next stage of the process and find out how Rotobasque works to provide our clients with the highest quality and service.

Ingeniería de producto por rotomoldeo en ordenador en Rotobasque
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