Rotational Molding Innovation

Providing innovative solutions

Rotobasque has innovation as one of its fundamental pillars, driving us to search for differentiating solutions adapted to the needs of our clients.

R & D lines


New materials

Biodegradable and bioderivative materials

Improvement of properties and high performance

Recycling or Circular Economy


Process innovation

Foaming and improved mechanical performance

Cross-linking and improved thermal resistance

Multilayer developments


New applications

Battery enclosures

Generator set housings

Interior elements of vehicle cabins

Focus of innovation


Product improvement


Management improvement


Reduction of environmental impact

Soluciones innovadoras en rotomoldeo para adaptarse a cada cliente

Do you have a project and need a customized solution?

Innovation Projects

Proyecto Cubas


Rotobasque developed a rotomoulding foaming process to improve the mechanical properties and insulation of the pieces without affecting their recyclability through the CUBAS project.

Proyecto Sugear


Rotobasque developed devices for use in marine environments with biodegradable materials to reduce the impact of plastics on the oceans, participating in the SUSGEAR project.

Proyecto Confort


Rotobasque participated in the COMFORT project for the development of a luxury vehicle elements developed through rotational molding with improvements to their surface properties and aesthetic finishes.

Proyecto Arrecife


Rotobasque participated in the ARRECIFE project for the development of a system to harness wave energy.