MARKETING plan for the rotomoulding component project


It is the first stage of the entire process, the kick-off of the project. The client comes to us with ideas, projects, and thoughts, and we shape and organize them, turning them into a reality. These ideas can be new projects or even modifications (improvements) to an already existing application. Thanks to our engineering department and the rotomoulding technology, we are able to accomplish those goals. Once the goals are agreed upon and, with the green light from our engineering department in terms of the feasibility of the project, we get started on the marketing assessment.


Marketing Plan

First of all we have to assess the current internal and external context. We have to explore our possibilities, our scope, and weight the options available for our application using the same standard. This also involves describing the situation considering those factors outside our control: economic, social and technological context, competitors, suppliers, market conditions and trends, among others. We believe that studying the context in which our application will be immerse is key to its development.

Also, a detailed description of the product will be prepared. This involves an analysis of the possibilities and basic characteristics of the product. Measurements, basic design, functionality, features, materials, silkscreens (if any), inserts (if any), among many other aspects. We will also identify the market niches in which the application will be the most successful and viable.

Likewise, we will set realistic objectives, consistent with the possibilities of the project. A context that will make it easier for us to determine which path to follow. Geographic scope, business strategy, or product features, for example. To do this, setting deadlines and intermediate objectives will be helpful. We will divide them into qualitative and quantitative objectives, to achieve greater accuracy in the results.

All this will be monitored following a precise action plan, including marketing strategies among many other tasks. We will also monitor the entire process on a regular basis.


Take a look at the next stage of the process and find out how Rotobasque works to provide our clients with the highest quality and service.

Trabajadora de marketing para rotomoldeo en oficina de Rotobasque
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