The absolute focus of ROTOBASQUE S. L. on its clients’ challenges has made it possible to develop a large number of specific projects, for example:

  • Adaptation of mature products to new use or market needs.As we have discussed in previous services, our engineering and industrial design departments make this possible. Whether an adaptation to a new scenario is needed, or simply the improvement of an application, at Rotobasque we have the capacity to make it possible. If one of our clients come to us with just an idea, we study it and try to bring it to life at its best.
  • Reducing product/service costs with greater integration into our clients’ value chain. Our technology enables us to lower the costs across the entire process.
  • Adapting the product to environmental regulations and concerns. At Rotobasque we are proud to work with an environmentally friendly approach. Proof of this is that we work with several companies in the energy and environment sector. That being said, we examine the current regulation concerning sustainability and adapt it as best as possible to any application that requires it.


Take a look at the next stage of the process and find out how Rotobasque works to provide our clients with the highest quality and service.

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Reingeniería de producto por rotomoldeo y diseño en ordenador
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