Once the pre-series have been approved, we reach the next step in the process: The manufacturing stage of the rotomoulded parts. The rotomoulding process is very simple. It is precisely its simplicity what enables us to have control over the properties of the part to be manufactured.

The process consists of four stages:

  • Material loading: The mould is opened, filled with powder plastic material (priory precisely measured), and closed.
  • Heating: The mould is inserted into the oven and starts rotating around two orthogonal axes. The rotational process will not stop until the demoulding stage. This causes the plastic material to become attached to the internal walls of the mould, obtaining a hollow or semi-hollow part.
  • Cooling: Once the heating stage is over, the mould is transferred to the cooling chamber where it is air-cooled. This stage is what causes the plastic to maintain the desired shape while it solidifies, thus enabling its demoulding.
  • Demoulding: The mould stops rotating and is then opened. The moulded part is removed and a new cycle begins.


Characteristics of the technology

Rotomoulding is a manufacturing method that produces virtually effortless parts, since it is a technique that uses gravity for the material to move around, across all the holes in the mould.

It is a very suitable technique for short runs, as the process allows for the manufacturing of a few parts and then you can store it again. It also makes it possible to produce parts in different colours without having to stop production, since this only depends on the material loading stage.

Metal inserts and rotomoulding work well together, and it is very common to integrate them easily to speed up the assembly of parts. Furthermore, no welding is necessary and there is no waste of material.


Take a look at the next stage of the processand find out how Rotobasque works to provide our clients with the highest quality and service.

Luces de diseño en serie por rotomoldeo de plasticos en Rotobasque.
Fabricación en serie por rotomoldeo en Rotobasque
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