The MANUFACTURE OF MOULDS in the rotomoulding project


Once the product has been designed down to the last detail by our engineering department, we move on to the next stage. The production of the moulds. At this stage, and considering the work carried out in the previous stage, the moulds will be produced using the technology that best suits the characteristics of the parts.

Considering the characteristics and/or geometry to be achieved, the moulds will be manufactured as needed. We will fine-tune down to the smallest detail, taking into account both cost and technical aspects to ensure product feasibility.

Characteristics of rotomoulding moulds

The material must have good thermal conductivity so that heat is transferred quickly and efficiently. That is why the materials used are similar. Usually, moulds are made in stainless steel or aluminium, and using other types of alloys in other cases. Aluminium is generally the most widely used, due to its versatility and durability compared to other materials. In addition, depending on the surface required, different textures or finishes can be applied to the parts. Every step is assessed and planned ahead to prevent unforeseen events.

These moulds are entirely determined by the part’s design and characteristics. Therefore, we can find moulds which are made up of various pieces. From two pieces up to whatever the number of pieces required to successfully complete the product being manufactured in rotomoulding.

In terms of mould manufacturing, there are several methods. They are generally manufactured by machining, electroplating or casting.

Finally, it should also be noted that designs can be engraved on the surface of the moulds themselves. Such as, for example, the brand name.


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Fabricación de moldes para rotomoldeo de plasticos en Rotobasque S.L.
Fabricación de moldes por rotomoldeo en Rotobasque
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